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11/10/08 5:29:23PM
Hi guys, been a while since in Posted. Lately my significant other has been asking me to help her do ab exercises.

As an mma guy my ab work out involves basics like leg lifts, crunches and holding plank. Nothing with weights. Her work out are usually in a gym only.

Are there any exercises we can do with free weights that help work out ab's? it's something she has been asking for and I'm unaware of anything in that nature.

Thanks gents,

11/10/08 5:37:03PM
you can add weights to any of those exercises to make them more difficult. But I suggest only doing that when your to the point you need to do an insane amount of reps or your normal rutine just is not longer giving you the burn.
11/10/08 7:25:34PM
i was gonna suggest that. but an adition to it medicine balls work really good the 2kg ones are light but enough extra to really make a change. and keep a womenly physique as oposed to a "mma guy". my girl uses them and recomends moving it from side to side to get the lower ones
hope it helps but remeber make sure to strectch your lower back
11/11/08 11:14:08AM
One exercise I do with weights is to lay on an inclined bench with a weight plate (I use a 25, she might want something lighter) in both hands. I lean back while stretching the weight overhead and behind me with my arms straight, stretching and usually tapping in on the ground. Coming back up I do a twist to both sides at the top of the motion.

That works the muscles a bit differently and it doesn't take too many reps to tire you out compared to some other exercises.
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