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6/25/07 2:56:59PM
Can anyone give me some good tips for working back muscles.
6/25/07 3:11:24PM
Lower back, I would strongly suggest deadlifts, upper back I would go with T-Bar rows or wide grip chins... Theres countless workouts though, consult a bodybuilding book like Arnold's guide to modern bodybuilding, it's well worth it...
6/26/07 2:03:52AM
It would be nice to know what your goals are. I think for grappling, dead lifts for lower back, and underhand pullups/Chins are the best one two combo. I think goal specific training is mandatory. What do you want to accomplish?
6/26/07 2:19:40PM
push-ups baby , best over all workout! lol
6/27/07 5:14:01PM
Hey Man. One thing you might consider is doing overhead squats. They are a great exercise for developing back muscles. I would also recommend an ab wheel for wheel rollouts. They are very good for developing lower body and core stregth. Just be careful with overhead squats as they are tougher then they look and if possible get someone to teach you the correct form and to spot you when doing them. If you have any questions please let me know.
7/1/07 9:39:11AM
Deadlifts for lower back. This exercise also works alot of muscles and is very good for stregnth, Chin ups, Bent over rows are also verly good. One arm dumbell rows for mass. These are all verly good exercises for back. It all depends on your goals is your goald too have a nice ripped back or be strong and fit. The following website is good for viewing how alot of the movements are done correctly -
7/5/07 10:16:37PM
Bent Over Rows for total back workout
Lower Back do Romanian Deadlifts with LIGHT weight or Deadlifts
Upper Back do Pullups with weight or w/o

Or you could do power cleans if you have had proper training in them. That would be my top choice, but only if you have been properly trained.
7/9/07 7:48:32AM
For Lower back: back extensions or good mornings.
For Upper back: Pull-ups (over and under grip)
Overall: I'd say Pull-ups and back stretches are the best.
7/12/07 9:47:06PM
Pushups,Seated rows!!!
7/20/07 1:13:48PM
Definitely RDL's for lower but ab work can significantly increase lower back strength and stability also
Pullups and pushups are great but don't forget lat pulldown!
7/21/07 2:23:37AM
Handstand pushups hands down (haha). Nothing comes close. Muscle-ups (pull-ups into a dip) also work. Another good exercise is laying down on a box/table of some sort up to your waist and just lifting your legs up as high as you can behind you and back down.
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