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11/14/08 2:17:44PM
Thought it might be cool to see what kind of jobs everyone had. You don't have to say what you make or anything, just maybe the name of the place and what you do. I'll start.

I work in the welding department of a factory that makes auto parts for Honda and I think Toyota too but mainly just Honda. And I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest person working there haha.
11/14/08 2:34:33PM
Stained glass/ Indoor glass. Most of the time I work here, but the owner also owns another business that does mirrors and showerdoors (basically all indoor glass) and I work there sometimes. Its all very glamorous.

11/14/08 2:37:10PM
I work in the mental health field, at a Psychiatrist's office. I handle insurance duties (benefits verification/authorization) for 3 Psychiatrists, 2 Nurse Practitioners, 1 Psychologist, and 3 LCSW's.
11/14/08 2:49:53PM
I work at Mr. Goodcents and I make your food haha.
11/14/08 2:52:20PM
11/14/08 2:52:52PM
I'm an Operations Lead in the IT field.
11/14/08 2:55:37PM

Currently: Univ of GA. I'm a grad student so that pretty much makes it. I get paid (shool and salary) by being a Ecology Laboratory Teaching Assistant when I'm in campus taking classes and as a Research Assistant when i go to Puerto Rico to do the dissertation research.

Before that it was about the same, being research assistant for profs. and grad students while undegrad. Also worked for 2 years (just on Sundays) for Carnival Cruise Lines registering passengers at the pier (only got to the ship for lunch breaks) and the classic clerk job and the Mini-Mart while in high School.
11/14/08 2:59:08PM
I'm a restaurant manager of an Olive Garden...and an online poker afficianado.
11/14/08 3:24:33PM
I work at ObjectifLune it's software company.
We make the PlanetPress Suite it's for variable data printing!
11/14/08 3:56:37PM
Rock Financial- Mortgage busines ( yes I am solely responsible for the economic and real estate Crisis)

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11/14/08 4:14:36PM
I work at Goodman Distribution
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11/14/08 6:06:59PM
IBM - doing gaming chips and pc chips and to think they wont give me a free one!
11/14/08 8:46:42PM
I am the Production Manager and Lead Machine Tech. at a Presort Mail house.
11/14/08 10:27:23PM
I am a biologist and I work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
11/14/08 11:49:28PM
I work for Cubic Defense out of CA. We do lots of high-tech toys for the military. I'm currently a System Engineer for an advanced version of MILES (You Army guys know what that is) Kind of like laser tag on steroids. I work the electronics, GPS, databases, servers, microwave datalinks and even make the coffee from time to time.


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11/15/08 2:53:45AM
I work at a place that sells building materials. I'm the foreman/transport manager.
11/15/08 3:28:26AM
I'm a manager and door man at a sports pub.
11/15/08 4:30:16AM

Posted by Svartorm

I'm a manager and door man at a sports pub.

jeez i do not see anyone starting trouble if they knew they had to deal with you. you and hippysmacker are probably the most intimidating looking people on the forums.
11/15/08 9:05:19AM
excuse me? did my viking photos happen to slip the mind?

But anyway, i work at Melbourne's Pool and Spa Centre, i install pools and do landscaping.
11/15/08 10:15:23AM
Im the Digital Imagin Supervisr at Best Buy. Go Cameras/Camcorders!
11/15/08 2:15:56PM
I sell I.T Network Management and Security solutions to large enterprises.
11/15/08 3:22:02PM
I am an accounts receivable specialist for a medical billing company that handles accounts for several high profile hospitals, including one in New York that does alot of work for celebrities. I get to see all the work done for famous people like P Diddy and James Gandolfini amongst others. haha

If you guys need advice on a medical bill you feel you are getting screwed over on in terms of how much you are required to pay, chances are you ARE getting screwed over and either the hospital or the insurance company is profiting from their mistakes, so let me know and I can maybe give you some advice!
11/15/08 4:18:19PM
I work for Verizon Phone Company.

Since i got promoted i really don't do much.Anytime you cant make a long distance call let me know we troubleshoot it..I can also block your Long distance.

I can pretty much tell you just about every area code in every state off the top of my head.

How badass is that...chicks dig guys who know area codes.
11/15/08 4:24:26PM
I work as a Resident Assistant for Francis Marion University. I'm done in another semester though, looking to get into sports radio.
11/15/08 5:08:49PM
Data analyst for natural gas and oil drilling company.
11/15/08 5:25:48PM
Student and I work with disabled people. I'm pretty sure I take care of a couple of you guys.
11/16/08 2:27:11AM

Posted by big_timmy

excuse me? did my viking photos happen to slip the mind?

But anyway, i work at Melbourne's Pool and Spa Centre, i install pools and do landscaping.

haha sorry i must have. do you ever ride your viking ship in the pools?
11/16/08 3:55:17AM
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