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7/3/07 1:44:20AM
"I watch it all the time. They have the best fighters fighting the best fighters and that's what boxing needs. You never can tell what will happen in a fight. Look at the last [Chuck] Liddell fight. Bam, 10 seconds it was over. They got that explosion they were waiting for. Boxing didn't get the same explosion out of Mayweather-De La Hoya," Jones said.

"UFC is a great thing, but boxing has to get on it's a game. UFC is the best fighting the best and that what boxing has to do. If you are an ultimate fighter, you are going to fight someone who is going to fight. In UFC, if you lose to a good fighter, you lost, you still know you are good fighter, and you come back the next day and fight again. In boxing, if you lose and that's it. You are done.I lose a few fights they want to tell me I'm washed up and I don't have it no more."

Jones was realistic when asked about his chances in a UFC ring. He knows that he is vulnerable on the ground and possesses a clear advantage if the fight stays on top.

"Now, I can't get on the ground and start wresting because I know nothing about that. But if I hit him before he gets to the ground, he's not going to get up and have the chance to wrestle," Jones said.

7/3/07 1:53:24AM
I can respect a guy for being honest, and from those comments I fully agree: any boxer worth his salt will put a UFC fighter (some exceptions of course) down for the count if presented with the stand-up opportunity, but they're susceptible to kicks, slams, and the entire ground game.

Props to him for not spewing more bullshit.
7/3/07 2:25:42AM
It' s to bad he never had a great contemporart to fight. I think it will tarnish his legend. Fastest hands I ever saw at middleweight, and talk about unothodox.Anyway, this is not a UFC/Pride topic , so off to the lounge.
7/3/07 7:06:21AM
Nice words from Superman.

I respect him even more now after reading that. I liked the guy before that, but not trying to act like boxing is better than MMA is a good thing from a high profile boxer.
7/3/07 8:46:38AM
mad props to Roy, now I remember why I always liked that guy.
7/3/07 8:57:08AM
my all-time favourite boxer. No surprise he's as frank and truthful as he is here.
7/3/07 10:59:02AM
Top 5 pound for pound greatest boxers ever ... and he was in the Matrix movies :)
7/3/07 11:24:26AM
It's nice to finally hear that boxers can also be combat sports fans in general... It would if this might actually bring up some talks about how boxing was ruined by promoters and greed... I love MMA, but I also love to watch a compelling boxing match... And it would be nice if something could bring some interest back into the sport
7/3/07 1:19:34PM
How old is he? Maybe he should get together with Chuck and learn how to sprawl.
7/3/07 5:42:41PM
Roy Jones is one of the best boxing ever and he is right what he said.
7/3/07 5:53:26PM
I liked watching Roy Jones jr fights and watching him knockout some boxers and i think he should do more mma fights he has one fight in mma that he won by TKO Strikes.
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