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9/13/07 12:40:30AM
sherk better not be having a second defense. anyone know whats going on?
should have 2 number 2 contender fights the winner of florian vs thomas fight the winner of bj vs stevenson. or just have it be a number one contender fight between bj and stevenson
9/13/07 1:02:03AM
9/13/07 7:09:28AM
They're waiting on the outcome of Sherk's appeal. If it's denied and his 1-year suspension is upheld, Sherk will be stripped of the title. My best guess as a fight for the title would be Penn-Stevenson, maybe as soon as UFC 78.
9/13/07 9:51:44AM
BJ and Stevenson. good fight. I choose Penn.
9/13/07 2:04:59PM
stevenson just came off a good win i think he will do good in this fight
9/13/07 11:39:43PM
i say it should be stevenson and bj...this would be a great fight to watch... stevnson would be a hard fighter to control..
9/13/07 11:43:23PM
If Sherk's appeal works out I really want to see him fight stevenson. They're both really talented, really strong wrestlers and I think it would make for a good fight.
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