Why UFC wont do tournaments?

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1/23/08 12:10:02PM
I would love to see a tourney in the ufc. I mean thepride tourneys were epic you never know how the matchups are going to go. you could have 4 mainevent matches in one night. I just think they were by far the most entetaining events pride came up with. with the deep talent pool the ufc has a heavyweight, middle weight, welter, light weight, any one would be absouloutly amazing.
1/23/08 12:11:17PM
the state athletic commisions wont allow it
1/23/08 12:29:33PM
They did them in the very early days of UFC (1-8 or however many they did) before they were essentially outlawed.
1/23/08 3:46:25PM
Can check out the 2 links below they are post were this has been talked about in the past 2 weeks. Both of them should be helpful.
1/23/08 4:18:18PM

Posted by cowcatcher

the state athletic commisions wont allow it

Around and around we go...

It is NOT because the state athletics commissions won't allow it.

Strikeforce and the IFL have both held elimination tournaments in the last six months.

A major sticking point with the old-style UFC tournaments was that fighters fought multiple bouts in one night. I believe that one of the concessions Dana White made to get NSAC to sanction the UFC again was to toss most of the old format out the window. More rules, 5-minute rounds, only one fight per night, etc.

However, lots of people noticed that the Strikeforce event in November - which was held in California - featured a four-man, Middleweight tournament in which the winners of the first two fights fought again, later the same night. We don't know yet whether CSAC was temporarily off its meds, or if they were experimenting, or if they're making their rules completely independently of NSAC's (to my knowledge, most states have looked to Nevada to establish the ground rules for combat sports, but obviously that's not entirely true).

As far as anybody knows, the only reason the UFC hasn't held a tournament is because the UFC doesn't want to.
1/23/08 4:29:54PM
The UFC could get around the NSAC by just holding the tournament in another state/country, but Dana White has said multiple times that he does not like the tournament format. If UFC ever has a tournament, it will be over multiple events, and there will not be more than one fight per evening for each fighter.
1/24/08 11:22:27PM
The Tournament is to me simply horrible and unfair way to do a compitition, if it is to be in the same night. You want the best man to win, and at this point in MMA everyone is so equal to each other that the guy who has the easiest early match or matches will win cause he will have the most left. Also it will cause a lot of injuries etc..I favor a tournament but over time. MMA is a combat sport, a 1 on 1 sport. To do it that way brings in too many other factors. It's great the way it is.
1/24/08 11:25:00PM
Tournaments would be cool, but I don't see it ever happening again in the UFC
1/26/08 8:49:06AM
tournemanet are just the best test to see whos the best fighter... but crying you cant fight more then 1 fight a night, proves the level in the usa
1/26/08 11:18:56AM
I'd be game, Canada vs USA tournament.

1/26/08 3:07:09PM
The UFC should have small 4 man tournaments to determine the number one contenders for each weight class

It would be sweet imagine

Winner fights Couture

Nog vs Sylvia

Arlovski vs Kongo

Reserve Bout : Herring vs Werdum

Winner fights Winner of Rampage/Griffin

Liddell vs Rua

Machida vs Wanderlei

Reserve Bout : Jardine vs Thiago silva

Winner fights Winner of Silva/Hendo

Franklin vs Marquart

Okami vs Lister

Reserve Bout : Leites vs Meia

Winner fights GSP

Fitch vs Davis

Kos vs Karo

Reserve Bout : Sanchez vs Alves

Winner fights Winner of Sherk/Penn

Florian vs Edgar

Stevenson vs Griffin

Reserve bout : Thomas vs J-Lau

1/26/08 3:55:12PM
no offense, but haven't we done this to death? NSAC won't allow multiple fights on one night, UFC uses those rules no matter where they go, a tournament that takes place over multiple nights is no different from the guys working up the ladder and having #1 contender matches. tournament wins don't mean as much to the casual fan if no title is on the line.
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