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8/7/10 6:40:52PM
My Alma Mater and current Grad School is fighting to save our Wrestling program. We're hosting an MMA event on our campus this Saturday. Ex-UFC fighter Brian Cobb will be the headliner. But, to push this event, UFC fighters have made their way to Bakersfield. The first of which is Shane Carwin. The rumor going around is that Carwin, Ortiz, possibly A. Silva, and Liddell (who has roots here in Bako) will all be making an appearance at my shitty little university. I'm pretty damn excited that this small event has brought these names here to Bakersfield.

I'm 6'6" 250 and this man is MUCH bigger than me. It was almost absurd. Though he did tell me I had some "big meat hooks" on me. Not compared to that mammoth.
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8/7/10 7:03:29PM
Awesome.. glad you got to meet Shane. He's truly a class act and one of the nicest MMA guys out there. He'd be a cool dude to meet even if he wasn't a complete badass
8/7/10 7:07:06PM
Yeah, we talked about school and Colorado joining the PAC-10 in the brief time I got to chat it up with him, probably about 5-10 minutes. He was EXTREMELY polite. Hard to believe a man that kind, polite, and cool about things can be such a f*cking wrecking ball.
8/7/10 7:30:27PM
FINALLY! A fan that *doesn't* use "the pose" when posing with a fighter for a picture.

8/7/10 7:36:08PM
haha, it's funny you mentioned that because Carwin mentioned it, too.
8/7/10 9:54:02PM
I am wondering Exactly how big you are? LOL
8/8/10 1:49:00PM
I got a picture with Carwin and i used the standard pose just so I can compare my fist to his. lol. pretty funny. I'm pretty short and skinny so it was awesome. Makes me look like I have baby hands.
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