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3/19/11 2:50:27PM
"For everyone who says I've never been hit and is wondering how I'll react to it, the reason why I haven't been hit is because I'm literally obsessed with what I'm doing and I'm in the gym every day, three times a day, six hours a day. And when you dedicate your life to it, hopefully you guys will never see me do the chicken dance. That's the way it works. But for people who are wondering how I'll react, I've been hit several times throughout practice and I react just fine. I've been dazed in wrestling - I remember a few times in high school I would throw people and land on my own head and almost knock myself out, but I kept wrestling through it. So I've seen those white flashes before and I've always fought through it. If it happens in this fight, I'm definitely prepared to fight through it and I know I can fight through it."

3/19/11 4:30:22PM
Im sure he will react fine but when you are dazed in practice and wrestling the guy doesnt hit you repeatedly until your KO'd so i think its gonna be a little different with a killer like Shogun. Gonna be a great fight though.
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