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POLL: should the women's 5 rounder be the main event tonight?
yes 6% (1)
no 94% (17)
7/30/11 1:12:33PM
it is a title fight and kind of weird having a 3 rounder as the main over a five rounder
7/30/11 1:19:18PM
No effing way.
7/30/11 1:21:51PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

No effing way.

Took the words right out of my mouth!
7/30/11 1:22:50PM
That's a tough one. I'm a believer in title fights being the main event over other matches. This is an interesting situation though. I hate to be biased towards the woman fighters, but if it were a male title fight, I already know what my answer would be. From a business perspective, there's only a couple of females that could carry a card of this magnitude. Should that matter? I think I'm indifferent until I ponder further.
7/30/11 1:43:32PM
What fight are the fans coming to see? Hendo vs Fedor
7/30/11 2:13:00PM
Hendo vs. Fedor should definitely be the main event. It's the most appealing fight on the card and it means a lot more in the overall scheme of mma.
7/30/11 2:47:26PM
Women's MMA isn't at that level, especially when you have two legends going at it like Hendo/Fedor.

I mean it's a business.

It's similar to the Cruz/Johnson BW title fight being free, as oppose to it being on a ppv, its just those lower weights aren't to the popular level of the other weights b/c the lower weight classes are new to the casual ufc fan.
7/30/11 4:02:35PM
Personally, I'm more looking forward to the women's title fight but it should not be the main event.
7/30/11 4:31:19PM
It would make sense but it definitely shouldnt be but I love watching the bitty's scrap!

I <3 Marloes Coenen
7/31/11 12:45:51AM
ok two things.. 1 WMMA is not ever going to match MMA. Personally i don't mind watching it but theres not enough fighters and except for the odd grudge match and superfight i don't see myself ever really being interested in "needing" to see a fight like i often do with male fighters

2 people are downplaying the significance of Fedor v Hendo.. this fight is for their legacies.. and having seen the fight end so quickly i have to say i would love to see it again.. both men threw heavy, worked an aggressive clinch and i'm only disappointed i didn't get to see a little ground battle. but i think Hendo wins 9 times out of 10
7/31/11 1:12:19AM
Watching Wmma is alot like watching the earlier ufc's. The skill level just isn't there. In my perfect world, i would have the best fighters fighting at the end of the card, regardless of title(s).
7/31/11 1:22:26AM
If they decided to do this you would see, on live television, a whole lot of people walking out of the audience in the middle of the "main event". It would look pretty bad. Nothing against women's MMA, but the group of people who are there to see every fight on a card is pretty tiny. The group of people who are there to see 1 specific fight is rather large. You have to make the fight that everyone is there to see the last fight, or people will watch the fight that they care about, and leave the arena when it is over.
7/31/11 2:13:15AM
Fedor/Hendo was on the Tate/Coenen card ???
8/1/11 3:39:02PM
They actually did something like this in boxing a few weeks ago. Their was like a ridiculous 4-5 12 round title fights for like crappy ABC belts, then the main event was a more well known atleast in the hardcore boxing world, more relevant fight with Devon Alexander he won a contraversal 10 round decision.

K-9 Bunderage was also on the card, if some of you ever watched the contender. Just goes to show and its smart, that the biggest draws need to be the main event in most cases. Especially in a P4P showdown like Fedor vs Hendo where too legends battle from 2 different weight classes.
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