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POLL: Will it ever hold the same esteem as mens MMA?
Yes 5% (1)
No 95% (18)
8/12/09 10:12:59AM
With all the news after the last UFC being mainly focused on the new women's title fight between Carano and Santos its got me thinking.
MMA has done things different from almost every other sport since the start so does that mean the women's title will be as highly coveted as the mens or will it be watched only by the hardcore fans?

I honestly don't see myself paying to watch the Carano - Santos fight but thats just me. Do you guys think it will ever be as big as mens MMA or will it go the same way as womens boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, football, baseball and pretty much every other sport I can think of.
8/12/09 10:28:24AM
Unless UFC changes its stance and promotes women's MMA, no. Strikeforce and everyone else who's done it is to be commended for helping it make great strides over the last couple years, but UFC is where the real exposure is. WEC would be a good step forward but it's still not UFC.
8/12/09 11:20:37AM
i dont think it will ever hold a light to mens MMA, it might get popular but i doubt it comes close to the men,
8/12/09 12:36:19PM
The only things I see on par (or closer to par anyways) are women's tennis, beach volleyball, gymnastics and golf.
8/12/09 12:45:10PM
Not quite to most of those because they all live & die by the "Tiger Effect". Tennis does well when Venus & Serena Williams are playing, otherwise most could care less. Beach volleyball is, at least in the US, mostly about Misty May-Treanor & Kerri Walsh, gymnastics is...they call it women's gymnastics but it's more like girls' gymnastics because they're all like 14-15. As for golf, Michelle Wie is not Tiger. More like Anna Kournikova.
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