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8/3/09 2:01:37PM
Television producer Lyle Howry is quick to dismiss attempts to compare his new women's MMA reality show to "The Ultimate Fighter," but "TUF"-like success is very much his goal.

"Ultimate Women Challenge" recently began production and will bring together 16 MMA fighters in September to compete for contracts with a yet-to-determined promotion. The show will put the women through three weeks of intense training and, Howry hopes, deliver the same jolt for women's MMA that "TUF" produced for the sport as a whole.

8/3/09 5:40:31PM
This sounds real interesting.I love womens mma so I'll watch it.
8/3/09 5:50:49PM
Why not! As long as they bring the fights, i'll keep watching
8/3/09 10:52:58PM
i would watch this, wonder what type of contract the winner would get, maybe title shot??
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