Women's MMA is Ready for Its Closeup

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10/1/08 1:00:40PM
As previously blogged by Mike Fagan, the media is paying increasing attention to women's MMA. The latest example is a cover story in Minneapolis City Pages.

It's a long article, so here are the highlights:

EliteXC considering all-female card:

"We're looking into having two divisions. And we hope to keep bringing in top-level talent to fill our rosters," says Jeremy Lapin, head of EliteXC fight operations. "We're actually looking into having an all-female card in the future."

Rosenthal on Kim Couture fight:

"I didn't catch flak for the fight and some complimented me for letting the fight happen," Rosenthal says. "Kim Couture even complimented me by saying I had the sack to let it keep going."

Gina Carano on cutting weight with her opponent:

"Kaitlin is such a sweetie," Carano would say later. "We actually cut weight together in the sauna before the fight. She's still young and is going to become a great fighter."

Smack talk about Gina leading up to this Saturday's fight on CBS:

People have made much about Kobald's upcoming fight against Carano on CBS this Saturday. Kobald has been quoted to the effect that she plans on ******* Carano's shit up. "Right now it's the Gina Carano league and her opponents," Kobald says of EliteXC.

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