Women’s Group Assisted by Culinary Union Wants Rampage Pulled from UFC on Fox 6

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1/26/13 3:40:40PM
Have you ever heard of the Culinary Union? It has nothing to do with the Culinary Academy, a place for cooking that Jared Allen likes to joke about when introducing himself on Sunday Night Football.

The Culinary Union I am talking about is an adversary the UFC has gone up with many times before. It is the group that is currently ensuring that the UFC stays out of New York.

However, this time around, they are leading the charge with other women’s groups to try and get Quinton Jackson taken off of the UFC on Fox 6 card in Chicago.

1/26/13 3:46:01PM
Shame on the Culinary Union for using a women's group to spearhead their own agenda against the UFC.
1/26/13 3:46:47PM
If Rampage was pulled because of this, here's my reaction:

1/26/13 3:54:01PM
The Culinary Union is corrupt and full of shit imo.
1/26/13 4:05:00PM
The bigger question is, why are so many women out the kitchen?!
1/26/13 4:06:03PM
Seems like a bunch of people are obsessed and need to find a hobby.
1/26/13 4:14:15PM
Tough shit.
1/26/13 4:21:29PM
They do give unions a bad name
1/26/13 4:23:40PM
I hadn't even heard of them until they wanted Stephens pulled from his last fight.

It won't happen.

They can't find anything better to do than complain?
1/26/13 5:01:57PM
From the full article:

"I understand, the video Jackson made was completely inappropriate and insensitive. In fact, Jackson explained he made the video with the goal of getting kicked out of the UFC."

I didn't even know he made this video. That's hilarious, even though it is highly inappropriate. And Dana still wouldn't cut him!

The Culinary Union is really making themselves look bad here. Rampage has nothing to do with the beef between Station Casino's and them.

And as that other poster said, it's pretty shameful for them to bring other groups into this. I doubt they even know what it's really about.
1/26/13 5:02:04PM
Dana should tell them to shit in one hand and want in the other then tell him which one fills up first. Oh, your upset...sure I will lose my company over a million dollars....so long as your happy!
1/26/13 5:18:56PM
There's absolutely nothing funny about that video.

I don't think he should be pulled from the card, but a fine would be nice.
1/26/13 5:27:02PM
Its shit like this that explains why this is a mans world and women do not deserve to have rights ...