Will Women ever fight in the UFC?

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2/10/07 7:01:07PM
i hope not would rather see another rookie fight
2/10/07 7:02:50PM
i hope not i woul rather see another rookie fight
2/10/07 8:04:06PM

Posted by shawneth

Funny thing is on the front page of this website, there is an article of Gary Shaw(is that his name) and he comments about why female fights are great. He says that they are always the fight of the night.

we are americans....you can put 2 monkeys in the cage and it would be fight of the night!

like they say..."female fighting can get great tv views,but so can naked boxing"
2/11/07 12:40:11AM
wow...i think Gina/Julie was a good fight.....damn Gina can throw!!!

beautiful too!

Gina Carano = My wife

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2/12/07 4:43:02PM
I don't like her fighting, but Carano is beautiful
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