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6/25/07 10:07:08AM
some people should just stick with porn.
6/25/07 12:37:28PM

Posted by BigTomZ

some people should just stick with porn.

Hold on lemme check if this is the Padded Room fa show... Yeah I already got a cumdumpster.
6/25/07 1:49:02PM

Posted by loller90278

Posted by BigTomZ

hopefully she doesn't end up getting harassed by losers looking for a girlfriend over the internet. then again, it wouldn't surprise me if that is already happening. don't scare her away guys.

not saying anything about anyone specific, but we all know there are some sorry ass losers on the internet harassing any woman they come across with private messages.

i was looking at your avatar while reading that and was laughing

i did the same thing
6/26/07 4:28:59PM
Yeah I always try to keep my avatars interesting.
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