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2/10/08 3:22:32PM
just want to see if anyone has that game yet? and how they like it i played the demo abit seems kind of fun. just want to know if anyone has got it.
2/10/08 4:12:01PM
I have it.

its awesome once you add the Real World Mod too it, and get to pick between IFL, StrikeForce, UFC, EliteXC...and use real fightters...
2/10/08 4:18:38PM
how do you add that to it? do you have the full game?
2/10/08 4:37:00PM
Yeah I have it too. Its a really good game. Very addicting

You can add the real world mod from the forums for free.
2/10/08 5:14:04PM
do you guys use tap or snap 2?
2/10/08 5:27:40PM
yep. thats what I use
2/10/08 7:28:24PM
how do you add it??
2/10/08 8:41:56PM
Go to the grey dog software forums, look for the thread about it and there should be a link for the download in there.
2/11/08 5:24:52PM
i just downloaded the Demo and im pissed. Nothing seems to work on it. I can get to the select a character screen and then nothing works I cannot move forward or backward in the game.
Im rotted anyone got any suggestions on how to fix?

Oh yeah here is the site for
Grey Dog Software Demos

EDIT: I just downloaded the wrestling one and its messed up too. IT seems like the game screen is to big for its own window. and words and controls seem to run off screen there is no way to scroll to them either.................................
2/11/08 7:08:21PM
I didnt have any problems with it but i suggest downloading the demo first because it is the actual games and if the demo runs, the game should too.
2/11/08 11:13:27PM
I downloaded the demo last week and couldn't get it to run. I said f*ck it and uninstalled it.
2/12/08 5:52:07AM
Wow i just installed on my Laptop and it works perfectly awesome game too.
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