I wish that the Canseco fight was added to the card for wagers/picks

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5/5/09 4:14:06PM
I know the fight seems to be a joke but if Canseco wins he wont be regarded as a joke anymore, perhaps, depending on how he wins, baseball issues aside and the odds will be huge against him and I will be picking him to win

so I wish that his fight was not the only one left off the card on here, no real reason to leave it off is there???

why would this post get locked and baseball players are athletes and the bob sapp fight is available for pick and wager??? whatever, a case of when opinions go to far maybe
5/5/09 4:38:37PM
Isn't Canseco fighting an opponent much larger and more experienced than him (HMC is a goliath). Good luck with that pick. For your sake, I hope Jose has some good wrestling and JJ to work with.
5/5/09 5:06:30PM
I can't say this enough, Jose Canseco boxed nearly 50 years old Danny Bonaduce who weighs maybe 160lbs to a majority draw (but really Danny kicked his butt). I really don't believe the fight is going to happen, as someone will likely talk some sense into Canseco. He probably doesn't even know who HMC is.
5/5/09 5:43:53PM
Canseco himself has said he's only doing it for the money. This fight is a total joke, and I'm glad the UFC huggers will finally get a chance to see how dangerous HMC can be
5/6/09 4:01:11AM
I agree. The guy is a warrior who is willing to step up to a behemoth of a man in a MMA match.Freakshow fight or not,this fight should be added to the wager and picks.Just because money is involved does not make this any easier of a task.
5/6/09 6:44:38AM
hippy said it's not going to be on so unless he changes his mind, it won't be. From the relevant thread in Game Talk:

No Canseco fights , Sapp fights.
Seriously athletes only, and Sapp no longer qualify's in my book.

Besides, it'll be something if it even happens or isn't decalred a No Contest. Anyway, since it's likely not going to happen...

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