With a few more wins, stardom should find Fitch

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6/11/07 4:03:25PM
Jon Fitch may very well be one of the best welterweight fighters in the world. The 29-year-old UFC welterweight has run off a stunning 12-match win streak, including five in a row in the UFC. But wading through the deep waters of the welterweight division has him on a long swim to fame and fortune. Despite his success in the octagon, he's not very well known outside of hardcore fans and he hasn't been able to break through to face a top-level fighter.

6/11/07 4:56:15PM
Fitch is an intelligent fighter, and I think he's going to be hungry for this win because he wants to prove he's a contender. If he finishes this fight with a W I see them setting him up against some real contenders to test him. Someone mentioned Fitch vs Karo in another thread which I think would be an excellent matchup for both of them while the whole hughes/gsp/serra/koschek mess is sorted out.
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