Who wins if they rematch, Akiyama or Misaki?

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POLL: Who takes the rematch?
Akiyama - (T)KO, Submission 45% (5)
Akiyama - Decision (Any) 18% (2)
Misaki - (T)KO, Submission 18% (2)
Misaki - Decision (Any) 18% (2)
Draw 0% (0)
DQ or No Contest (Again) 0% (0)
3/21/08 7:01:17AM
I've heard Misaki was signing with strike force but i think he'll go to DREAM or World Victory Road.. same with Akiyama

Back and forth battle, i would definatly like to see it again.. 2 arguable top 10s
3/21/08 12:17:01PM
id definately watch them fight again, their NYE fight was great from the entrances to the lecture misaki gave akiyama. it was definately the highlight of yarennoka for me, i still watch akiyamas entrance and crack up, yet i cant help but really like that song......do i need to turn in my man badge?
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