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3/13/07 12:45:41AM
What about Hughes / Newton 1? As far as I can telll from seeing the fight they were both unconscious.

The second fight, not so much.
3/13/07 3:55:58AM
There was that Chris Brennan fight where he came in after being bitten by a spider, and tapped out because he didn't feel good. Thats defintiely a fluke win for the guy he was fighting, considering he didn't have to do anything.

That and when Maurice Smith fought Branco Cikatic, and Branco tapped out from a forearm across the neck. Mo looked pissed that the dude gave up to such a gimme move.

Art Jimmerson giving up because Royce Gracie had him mounted should count as well.
3/13/07 10:04:19AM
Coleman V Shogun
3/13/07 1:20:55PM
I wouldn't consider any KO to be a fluke. Sokoudjou wasn't a fluke. People have never heard of this guy and he came in and KO'd one of the biggest stars in Pride. People consider it a fluke, but what if we see Pride Champion Sokoudjou in 2 years would it still be considered a fluke win? And people say Randleman vs. Cro Cop was a fluke because Randleman is primarily a wrestler and he KO'd possibly the best striker in MMA. He threw the punch and every punch in MMA is thrown with bad intentions. It wasn't blindly throwing his arms about, it was a big looping punch that caught CC right on the button and if that's a fluke then Chuck Liddell's entire career has been a fluke.

Also if someone is dominating a fight for 14:45 and then falls into an armbar in the last 15 seconds that's not a fluke either, that's MMA.

The only things I would consider fluke wins would be if someone finished a fight via a defensive maneuver. i.e. Someone throws a blocked strike and breaks there arm on there opponent and can't continue. Any offensive maneuver is meant to win the fight, and we never know when or by whom that maneuver will be most effective.
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