Who Wins 4 Man UFC HW Tounament?

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POLL: Who Wins HW Tourney
Brock Lesnar 7% (2)
Cain Velasquez 32% (9)
Alistair Overeem 21% (6)
Junior Dos Santos 39% (11)
9/7/11 3:08:52PM
so if you havent heard, Cain Velasquez will fight Junior Dos Santos for the title, and Alistair Overeem will fight Brock Lesnar, and the winners of those fights will fight eachother in another epic title fight. who are you picking to win each fight and how?
9/7/11 3:13:37PM
has anyone considered the 8 man tourney going on right now?

we already have these 4....but we also have Cormier vs Antonio Silva & Kharitonov vs Barnett.

Can't ever complain about tournaments w/ these awesome fights coming up. Just a shame we can't get em all in one night
9/7/11 3:16:25PM
my picks are, i say Overeem beat brock by 1st round ko/tko because brock cant take a punch to well and AO will hit him with a hell of punch, a bunch of em, i dont think brock will be able to get AO down and will get beaten badly. i also pick Junior Dos Santos to beat Cain Velasquez by 1st round ko/tko, i see cain trying to stand with junior 4 some reason and Juniors takedown defence is really good anyways,plus hes very hard to keep down if your lucky enough to get him there, so i see jds finishing cain standing up, so that leaves JDS vs AO!! this will be a epic stand up war that likely wont go past round 1, i see JDS winning this fight by round 1 ko/tko because i think his chin is better and i think he will land the 1st big punch and get the ko/tko
9/7/11 3:18:28PM
yep i have, i see barnett and silva going to the finals and josh will win the tournament i think, then i think he will lose his ufc title shot in a megafight with JDS
9/7/11 7:25:02PM
My guess

Jds beats cain

Overeem beats lesnar

Jds beats overeem
9/7/11 10:28:05PM
The winner of Dos Santos / Velasquez will beat either of the other 2 fighters IMO. Not sure who I will pick for that fight but right now I'm leaning toward Velasquez using his wrestling to control the fight.
9/7/11 11:09:27PM
Brock sure has fallen outta favor since he got demolished by Cain. Can't say I'm surprised
9/7/11 11:50:23PM
I would pick Cain over JDS, Overeem

I would pick Brock over Cain in a rematch

I would pick Overeem over JDS, Brock

I would pick JDS over Lesner
9/8/11 8:31:29AM
If healthy, Lesnar.
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