3 more wins!!!!

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12/30/12 6:19:47PM
and the #1 seed Denver Broncos will be the Super Bowl Champions!!!!!!

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12/30/12 6:26:26PM

They won't beat the Texans
12/30/12 6:29:42PM
sorry my friend but the way the Texans are playing I don't know if they'll make it to the AFC championship to play the Broncos. That road would lead through Mordor AKA NE

But I would love to see the re match
12/30/12 6:33:46PM
I'll admit the Texans have played like shit the last few games. And you may be right. But I know and you know how good they can be and were for 12 games of the season.

We shall see
12/30/12 6:35:09PM
New England is good though. But I can't stand them

I've said it all season the Texans have problems with teams that run no huddle
12/30/12 6:39:22PM
I dislike NE myself and to tell you the truth I would rank Houston as my #2 football team.

The Texans are loaded with talent too possibly the most in the league
12/30/12 6:46:34PM
I really almost hate to say it but I'm not sold on kubiak or shaub.

If you really think about it . It has been the defense that has bailed out the Texans when their behind. Forcing fumbles and punts.

When it really matters shaub just can't live up to the pressure . And kubiak with horrendous play calling. He has become so damn PREDICTABLE and he wonders why Foster isn't finding much success these last few games.

Get rid of shaub I say for a big name and get rid of kubiak for an even bigger RESPECTED name
12/30/12 8:37:08PM
Good luck.

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12/30/12 8:59:12PM
I love Manning, but the Broncos have only beaten 2 teams with winning records this season.

I'd love to see them win the AFC but I wouldn't bet on it.
12/30/12 9:04:32PM

scuse me fellas, but there is a team we truly should be focusing on:

12/30/12 9:06:18PM
Broncos have looked pretty damn good. Very well rounded,and home field advantage through out the playoffs.
12/30/12 11:48:41PM
i wouldn't be surprised to see Broncos vs Redskins in the Super Bowl
12/31/12 1:11:45AM
Baltimore with Ray Lewis = AFC Champs
12/31/12 1:37:07AM
Chiefs #1....pick
1/1/13 9:20:56PM
I hate the Broncos
I hate manning
I hate the city of Denver when I visited there
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