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4/8/11 9:25:58PM
All rite who wins if these guys were 2 fight rite now?

shogun rua vs phil davis

Can shogun stop those relentless davis takedowns?
Can Mr wonderful stand long enough with shogun to get a takedown?

Let me know who wins and how.
4/8/11 11:34:21PM
As long as Mr. Wonderful doesn't connect with a flying knee in the beginning, Shogun wins this by TKO.
4/9/11 12:48:06AM
Shogun...by not being as geriatric as Nog was.
4/9/11 1:21:06AM
I think Shogun would take it right now.
4/10/11 12:44:26AM
if shogun looks like he did against jones i would give it to davis. jones is great but shogun looked totally out of his game right off the bat
4/10/11 2:46:29AM
I dont see Shogun KOing Davis. Submission maybe, but id say Davis UD.
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