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3/6/09 4:57:44PM
Techno Viking


Keith Jardine
3/6/09 5:26:33PM
I don't know techno viking's got some amazing footwork, but I gotta give this one to the dean of mean.
3/6/09 5:32:22PM
not the fans this is the ugliest combo of people ever!!!
3/6/09 5:59:01PM
lol if not its a close second.

hmmm im goin with the viking due to a cooler name( at least a shorter one)
3/6/09 7:18:14PM
techno viking. but im basing that solely on the fact that he is more ripped
3/6/09 7:38:08PM
Jardine because he's so unorthodox.
3/6/09 9:42:36PM
What they are not the same guy?
3/7/09 12:24:47AM

Posted by SpiderSilva

What they are not the same guy?

Why did you post two pictures of Keith Jardine???
3/7/09 4:41:07AM
It's a draw (or maybe no contest)...Have you ever seen them in the same room?
3/7/09 10:53:34AM
It depends on whether or not Keith provokes Sir Techno. If so, Keith would be overwhelmed in a violent power-dancing frenzy. And if Keith does win, he'd better watch his back because this guy is abviously the leader of a bunch of crazies that have no regard for the law and ill-intent... I'm gonna go watch that video again.
3/7/09 11:03:12AM
Tough matchup to call. This is like asking who will win between Edward Norton's character and Brad Pitt's character in fight club.

Jardine is unorthodox, but Techno Viking is explosive as hell with great footwork. Plus, he's got grip strength to rival Hendo's- as we've seen in the past. I'm going to give the nod to Techno Viking because I think he'll have Jardine mentally beat by the stare down
3/7/09 3:28:10PM

Posted by Khaos

Jardine because he's so unorthodox.

As opposed to the "orthodox" delivery of the Techno Viking?

Let's take it one step further. I wanna see the jackson camp throw down with the horde of crazy's that follow techo around. I'm talking straight up battle royal style boys and girls.
3/7/09 7:11:13PM
Would this be an MMA fight, or a dance-off ?
3/7/09 7:38:21PM
Techno Viking would "serve" Jardine.
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