64% wins - is that worth me joining someones camp ?

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10/27/11 6:04:18PM

Posted by KungFuMaster

Posted by Shawn91111

Posted by prophecy033

Posted by Shawn91111

Posted by prophecy033

Posted by Shawn91111

Well then maybe your team should listen to him a bit more

you act like Dark Horse is the only camp that people should join. Although its a good camp, there's other camps that are just as good. I had my choice and I went with ECP. I'm not saying ECP is the end all be all but I know one thing, its the one that fit me best and we got a lot of great members. Imo, as a whole, we contribute the most to the discussions on these very forums. And I'm sorry you don't like ECP, I wish that weren't the case. And as far as us being the B-League, there are just as many variables with close to 100 members as there are with a LHW team going against more teams. Did you happen to see the team were going against? They have WAY more members, thus more people to sway it in their favor. Before you start throwing BS our way, consider ALL things.

Did you notice how I didn't bash your camp but still got my point across.That's because I respect your camp and what they do. That's how you do it Shawn. No need for slander. Plus I've heard nothing but respect for Rabi and the ECP, the camp I'm proud to be a part of

Nobody is slandering or bashing your camp, if anything its called good natured ribbing, nothing wrong with it. The SHW division is B league imo and being a leader of a camp I do feel that DH is the only camp people should join but thats personal opinion obviously. Also, your camp member called me out in the thread

what he did was ALSO good natured ribbing if I'm going off your classification of the word. The fact is that you got something against ECP

And I dont mind the ribbing, I enjoy it. Actually, I really don't have anything against them, except leaving the LHW division when the going got tough would be the only thing.

I don't know how sincere this is...I think it's more of a saving face type of gesture. You have been attacking ECP since I started my account here and who knows how long before that...

As long as you can take in what you dish out, I am all for it.

"Guards, get my armor ready! I'm going in!"

Good natured ribbing, people take things too seriously.
10/27/11 6:41:18PM
I don't know about you but we're all having fun and laughing here.

Let me see you smile, Shawn.
11/3/11 4:43:50PM
Smiling isn't allowed in Fight Camp Central.
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