UFC 84 winners and Loosers...Who do they Fight?

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5/25/08 11:58:33AM
BJ penn-->> Winner of huerta/florian

Sherk-->> looser huerta/florian, maybe another contender...

Wanderlei Silva-->> LHW-> thiago silva, James Irvin..... if drops to down.MW--> Chris Leben, Drew Mcfedries

Keith Jardine--> stephan bonnar rematch, Maybe Soko, or if Liddell-shogun dont happen, both could be possible oppoents.

Lyoto Machida- Wait For title Shot.

Tito Ortiz--> out of the UFC, maybe a Fight with Frank Shamrock, if signs with affliction a Fight with Babalu.

Goran-->> really dont know who they'll match him up against, either give him a contender or upper tier guy right away, or give him a "test" (like alexander over jardine, than get sakara to prove he is the real deal)

Wilson Gouveia-->> maybe a Tim Boetsch.

Thiago Silva--> Rashad Evans.

Palhares--> also dont know who they'll want to match him up with, could be decided how the next few matches go. Maybe winner of kampman/rivera..

Salaverry- Retires.

Soko--> if shogun/Liddell doesnt happen, shogun could be a possibility (would be an exciting fight)........Maybe even Jardine or wandy could be matched up against him.

Nakamura-> Out of the UFC probably.

Clementi-->> also depends alot on how the next few LW matches go. also can see them matching him up with sherk.

Yoshida--> give him another tuffer like matt arroyo, maybe someone like goulet.

The Dong--> maybe someone like anthony jonhson or something, really dont knowwho they'll want to match him up against.

Tan-->> out of the UFC

Carwin--> dont know what they'll do with him either, throw him into contenders?? or build him up??.....maybe Gonzaga or eddie sanchez

Wellisch-->> out of the UFC.

what does everyone else think?? what fights do you see them setting up??
5/25/08 1:31:24PM
yeah i was wondering if the ufc is going to make more cuts after ufc 84, i think they will to some of those guys.
5/25/08 1:53:52PM
BJ penn-->> Winner of huerta/florian

Sherk-->> Clementi or Pelligrino

Wanderlei Silva-->> Forrest Griffin IF he loses to Jackson (Payback for Shogun) Or else Machida for #1 (Because so many people want him to be champ)

Keith Jardine--> Matt Hamill (good test for Hamill)

Lyoto Machida--> Wandy for #1 contender? or.... Im not too sure

Tito Ortiz--> I agree that he is out of the UFC

Goran-->> Winner of Lambert/Cane

Wilson Gouveia-->> James Irvin

Thiago Silva--> Rashad Evans.

Palhares--> Winner from Lister/Horn

Salaverry- Retires.

Soko--> Tim Boetsch

Nakamura-> I believe he will be out of the UFC (hopefully not) If they give him another chance, have him either fight a newcomer or... Houston Alexander

Clementi-->> Sherk or winner of Tibau/Stevenson

Yoshida--> Goulet

The Dong--> Loser of Hazelett/Burkman

Tan-->> out of the UFC

Carwin-->> Either Mark Coleman (if healthy) or Eddie Sanchez

Wellisch-->> 2-2 in UFC so I dont think he will be cut. Have him fight a newcomer or Justin McCully.
5/25/08 2:16:24PM
Penn - Florian/Heurta

Sherk - Loser of Florian/Heurta or Winner of Tibau/Stevenson

W Silva - Machida or Thiago

Jardine - Reljic or Luiz Cane

Machida - W Silva or Thiago Silva

Ortiz - Babalu or Frank Shamrock

T Silva - W Silva or Machida

Reljic - Jardine or Bonnar

Gouveia - Irvin or Boetsch

Palhares - Winner of Kapmann/Rivera or Leben

Salaverry - Cant see Ivan competing real soon

Soko - Shogun or Evans

Nakamura - Hamill or Cane

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