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8/5/08 2:51:57PM
Concerns are growing that Mixed Martial Arts fighting is on the way to surpassing professional boxing in popularity (if it hasn’t already) with Elite XC on network TV CBS, The Ultimate Fighter series on Spike, etc. etc. Add Winky Wright to the list to those lauding the UFC’s business plan and questioning the decision-makers in boxing.

In a wide-ranging interview with Danny Flexen in the July 25th Boxing News weekly magazine of London (State Of The Game with Danny Flexen), Wright voiced plenty of logical sentiments which the boxing powers-that-be had better begin to heed, and fast. Among them told by Wright to Flexen:

“When I was coming up, more top fighters fought each other. They all wanted to prove they were the best in their weight class, not in the WBA, the IBF, but the best, period. But now the promoters and the networks get in the way and we’re losing a lot of fans because of it. The promoters milk the prospects, they don’t match them against top fighters. The networks allow too many easy fights.”

8/5/08 3:10:38PM
i think boxing is starting to notice these problems...over the last year we have seen some top notch match ups....starting with mayweather vs de la hoya and hatton...both excellent matchups....bernard hopkins vs calzaghe...jones jr vs trinidad (even tho whats the point at least it happend)...margarito vs cotto..i think they are starting to take notice but its too late, mma is already taken over, boxing already screwed the same time, mma could follow that same path if the ufc doesnt start sharing its fighters for big match circles has the model right since they share fighters with dream, strikeforce, icon, elite xc, cage rage, kotc.....ufc cant and shouldnt hold out to long or evenutally the same fate will be suffered.
8/5/08 3:17:58PM
i love to see that a well known and respected boxer in winky wright is praising the ufc. the ufc and mma have come A LONG WAY...
8/5/08 3:20:11PM
Yeah, I"m glad to see a respectable enough boxer admitting that boxing has lost touch with what's supposed to be the best fighting the best...
8/5/08 9:03:02PM
Funny how boxers like the MMA way and MMA guys want the boxers money ways. Can't we figure out how to make them both work?
8/5/08 9:28:18PM
You mean do something that makes complete and total sense like decent pay and cross promoting amazing matchups so the fans would be completely happy? Come on....come back to reality.
8/5/08 9:58:42PM
In actuality, this has been going on for a while in boxing. There are 100's of boxers with 20+ wins and no defeats. It's been that way since time out of mind. Not too long ago it seemed more and more difficult to get the marquee matchups. All the right pieces just had to fall in place for it to happen. This guys with this promoter and he doesn't deal with that promoter sort of bullshit.

Recently though, it seems like better matchups are being made. So I give credit where credit is due.

I think it should be very rare to see anyone coming up through the ranks without a few blemishes though. Boxers should be fighting other talented fighters as they come up the ranks, but I don't think that's ever going to happen. It will always be two good fighters battling it out with their padded records in tow.
8/5/08 10:24:31PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

You mean do something that makes complete and total sense like decent pay and cross promoting amazing matchups so the fans would be completely happy? Come on....come back to reality.

Yeah I mean who in their right mind would want ticket box records and pay per view records everytime they put on a fight? Who would want to see the best guys fight the 2nd best? And why in the world would anyone want to make a great living for themselves while getting punched in the face for all us dopes. It amazes me to think of all the great fighters that have came and went for such little pay. These guys are top athletes that could have prob played other sports for more money. Crazy what this DRUG we call fighting can do to get a hold on us.
8/5/08 10:47:42PM
Since when does any sport allow things that would make the fans completely happy? Anytime something amazing is about to happen in sports someone will find a way to taint it. I won't share my personal feelings on these issues but just to name a few: The '72 Dolphins calling for an asterisk on the Patriots because of Spygate, Barry Bonds and steroids, The Rose Bowl picking Illinois to face SC instead of a vastly better matchup in Georgia because of "tradition" just a few things. Just wait, Micheal Phelps will become engrossed in a scandal before winning more gold medals than any American.
8/5/08 11:57:35PM
Boxing politics have ruined boxing way before any of us were born. Just the same way UFC's money issues could eventually ruin it.
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