Where does a win put the Rashad/Machida winner in the P4P Rankings?

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4/16/09 6:01:04AM
How far up the P4P rankings will the winner go?
4/16/09 6:28:24AM
#1 fedor
#2 anderson
#3 gsp
#4 Rashad/Machida winner
#5 bj penn
#6 torres
4/16/09 6:33:16AM
clicking post reply twice.

It really depends on the performance. Its going to take alot for Lyoto to move up on my p4p rankings, as i think he should absolutely dominate rashad stylistically, and unless he does more he wont move up.

If rashad manages to catch machida in a similar manner that he did to chuck and forrest then he would crack my p4p list as in theory he should be able to catch any fighter with a haymaker if he can land one flush on machida.

4/16/09 7:00:33AM
i dont think that the winner would be top 5, just due to performance of teh top 5 on my list. They DOMINATE everyone they fight and i think the winner of Sugar/Dragon would have a strong argument for #6 or #7 though. On my list only i'm speaking
4/16/09 8:35:59AM
1 - Fedor
2 - Anderson
3 - GSP
4 - Machida/Evans
5 - BJ Penn
4/16/09 9:09:44AM

1. Fedor Emelianenko
2. Anderson Silva
2. Georges St. Pierre
4. Miguel Torres
5. BJ Penn

If Machida wins, I'd throw him ahead of Torres; if Evans wins, I'd probably put him right behind Miguel Torres. I think my rationale stems from the way Machida dominates every opponent he fights in a way Evans does not quite do.
4/16/09 10:16:03AM

Posted by mentalcase

#1 fedor
#2 anderson
#3 gsp
#4 Rashad/Machida winner
#5 bj penn
#6 torres

Yup. My p4p list looks basically the same.
4/16/09 11:00:15AM

Posted by mentalcase

#1 fedor
#2 anderson
#3 gsp
#4 Rashad/Machida winner
#5 bj penn
#6 torres

Tried to give props but apparently I need to spread the love.
4/16/09 12:16:25PM

Posted by mentalcase

#1 fedor
#2 anderson
#3 gsp
#4 Rashad/Machida winner
#5 bj penn
#6 torres

I have Evans at 7th right now, but Machida isn't in my Top 10 P4P yet. I could see Evans moving up to #4 with a win, but if Machida won, I think he'd probably be #8 and Evans would drop to 9th.
4/16/09 12:55:32PM
Machida (with a win)
4/16/09 1:48:54PM
#1.Fedor Emelianenko
#2.Anderson Silva
#3.Georges St. Pierre
#4.Dan Henderson(yes i think he is one of the P4P best)
#5.Baby J

After that there is an arguement that could be made for so many fighters that there is no point in ranking them....... Neither Rashad nor Machida are a P4P top 5 by far though...
4/16/09 4:59:03PM
Definitely the top 10!!
4/16/09 11:03:02PM
#6-BJ Penn

If Penn beats Florian though I'll put him ahead of the winner of Rashad/Machida again.

I think Torres deserves to be #4 because he defended his belt 3 times already and he's almost undefeated; granted it's in a weak division that people seldom pay attention to.

If Rashad beats Machida, and then another top 5 contender, he'll clearly prove himself worthy of being in the top 3.

going too far?

no, he defeated what were at that time #10 Michael Bisping, #4 Chuck Liddell and #1 Forrest Griffin.

A win over Machida(#4?) would mark his third win over a top 5 opponent and establish him as the undisputed master of the division.
4/17/09 12:47:41AM
I don't see how people can be ranking Rashad in any p4p rankings. I guess some of you experts have short memories. Yeah, he trounced Forrest and managed to pop Chuck with a pretty convincing haymaker. But are you guys forgetting that this is the same fighter who drew against Tito Ortiz not that long ago? And the fight after that he got a split decision against Bisping? This isn't ancient history folks, we're talking two and 3 fights ago. And Bisping always was undersized for 205 which is why he made the drop to MW. So to sum up, the two fights before his sudden rise Rashad got a draw against an aging Tito with a bad back and a split decision against a middle weight. So why again are people considering him for p4p rankings?
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