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12/14/09 8:47:30PM
Win or lose at Saturday's WEC 45 event, top lightweight contender Donald Cerrone is dropping a weight class and competing at featherweight for some future fights.The WEC 45 headliner today announced the news on Radio (, who said he hasn't even discussed the plan with WEC officials, plans to take a couple fights in the division and then bounce between the two weight classes."After this fight, I'm going to dabble down at 145," said Cerrone, who headlines the Versus-televised WEC 45 event at The Pearl at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. "I'm going to give it a go, win or lose. But it's going to be a win, so I'm not real worried about it.

12/14/09 8:51:42PM
The WEC might lose the LW division when Cerrone drops. Zuffa never sends UFC LW rejects to the WEC so it becomes pointless to have LW in the WEC.
12/14/09 11:01:26PM
I'm excited to see Donald in the FW division. I think he has a lot more exciting fights there especially in the WEC. His losses seem to be coming against wrestlers who can basically just put him on his back and win a decision...he'll probably be too big at FW for guys to do that to him so it makes for a lot more interesting matchups w/ his standup and ground skills.

I don't think he beats Aldo right now, but I like this decision regardless because I want to see him fight more often. He always brings it, win or lose.
12/15/09 3:11:16AM
Great move which leads to more great match-ups!

I love the WEC!!!!
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