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6/8/10 2:54:22PM
He's leaving with an autograph. From one Mirko Cro Cop, of course. Barry continues to make no secret that the striker has always been one of his favorite fighters. "I had a poster of Mirko on my wall," Barry admitted to on a recent media call promoting the event. "He was in my top-five list of scariest guys on the planet. This was before I had even started training when my brother and I would just sit around watching K-1 fights and watching kickboxing. This was like a guy that I idolized. "When I started training, he was still one of my top-five favorite – and still is – top-five favorite kickboxers on Earth. I mimicked my lefty style to his because he was the best at it. Then when I switched over to MMA, he's like the No. 1 guy on my list." And yes, Barry says, he's serious about getting Cro Cop's autograph.

6/8/10 3:07:47PM

Just don't beat him up too badly, Pat.
6/8/10 3:20:18PM
We wont have to worry about this as the old Cro Cop will be back saturday, if for only one more night!

Cro Cop by TKO in the 2nfd!
6/8/10 3:22:28PM
It would seem that cro cop is destined to head kick barry with barry being very short for HW
6/8/10 3:30:24PM
I got CroCop in the second as well, Barry doesn't seem a guy that is going to stick and move much and that should be enough for CroCop to unload.
6/8/10 3:32:24PM
I wish I could avatar bet every last one of you...

6/8/10 3:42:53PM
I have Barry winning a UD, i think he's going to be too quick for CC, CC has not looked good in the UFC, even in his wins..imo.
6/8/10 4:26:43PM
The more Barry talks, the less inclined I am to pick him, it's like Cro Cop has already beaten him mentally by virtue of being Barry's idol. Makes me nervous.
6/8/10 5:00:05PM
Have you guys seen CroCop fight lately? I guess people really want to believe still. After about 4 "ok guys, I wasn't focused but I'm back for real now!" interviews I kind of gave up that hope.
6/8/10 5:02:12PM
i hope to god to see the old cro cop on sat but im not getting my hopes up at all. thats why im picking barry to win. i think he'll stop mirko in the 3rd. just a hunch. it pains me to see mirko get thumped, its hard to watch one of your favs of all time getting old.
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