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9/6/10 6:22:45PM
The fight would seem a decent bridge for Griggs to try and step up in the heavyweight ranks, while conversely being a solid retooling fight for Rogers should he win.
“I know he's actually fighting outside of Strikeforce in Canada next,” added Griggs, “but I'm hoping that one goes through. He's another huge guy, but it would be the exact opposite of the fight that Bobby was. He's a stand-up guy and I think it would be a real exciting fight, so I'm hoping that gets put together.
“There was talk of December, I guess they're gonna be doing a big show. They haven't given me any solid details or anything. We're hoping to hear in the next few weeks or so.”
9/8/10 1:42:09PM
This guy actually thinks he can beat Rogers? Is this serious, or is this an April fools joke? Wait a's september!
9/21/10 10:27:02PM
More power to him for having some confidence, but Th Grim should mop this guy up no problem
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