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10/6/12 4:00:04PM
Win an av bet. I take Bonnar you take Silva all you have to do is answer 3 questions:

Which female celebrity would I? (theres only 3 - you need 1)
What physical challenge am I putting myself through next year? (only 1... I think)
What's my PG nickname? (only 1)

You can give it as many tries as you want and you can write as many answers as you want.

So you can write a list of like 40 answers per question, if you think you'll be able to get it.

Simply the first person to get all 3 correct answers
10/6/12 5:18:34PM
Britney Spears, Lady Gaga
Dirty Blue

Guess number 1
10/6/12 5:21:30PM
Someones been on my FB! Keeping searching those likes and you'll get it!
10/6/12 5:35:15PM
10/6/12 5:37:24PM

Posted by sparky

Good luck

10/6/12 5:40:07PM
Good luck brother
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