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POLL: who would win??
Michael Bisbing 55% (24)
Rashad Evans 45% (20)
7/6/07 5:02:33PM
What do u guys think? Bisbings more of a stand up guy that really hasnt been tested on the ground and i think Evans has good enough stand up and could take him down and control the fight from the bottom.
7/6/07 5:12:05PM
Bisping has trouble putting away guys he should have killed and Rashad is a possible contender if he wins his next fight. Of course I'm going to go with Rashad in that one.
7/6/07 5:15:58PM
I also agree. Rashad has the skills and IMO is a higher-calibur fighter with still a lot of room for improvement. Bisping is good, but he allows himself to get into too many predicaments that were close calls. I feel that if Evans put Bisping in one of those predicaments, that would be it for Bisping.
7/7/07 5:48:38AM
It's not really a fair comparison imo.

Rashad has fought much better competition, whereas Bisping is coming up to his 1st real test.

It will be more relevant in 2/3 fights time
7/8/07 3:21:51PM
Evans is a bigger guy i think. Evans competed in heavy weight and Bisping is always saying he could make 185 if he wanted to. Plus Evans is a much better wrestler. I see Evans laying on this one for three rounds.
7/10/07 5:05:05PM
I say Rashad Evans...
7/11/07 6:03:25PM
Too close to call but if I had to I'd pick Bisping
7/11/07 6:14:40PM
I picked Rashad because of athleticism and wrestling difference but I changed my mind. Bisping would probably win by kimura from the bottom.
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