who would you want to win?

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POLL: how would you like the rematch t ogo?
GSP by decision 14% (3)
Bj by decision 5% (1)
GSP by tko 43% (9)
Bj by tko 10% (2)
GSP by KO 10% (2)
Bj by submission 19% (4)
7/8/08 2:29:26PM
i noticed that GSP is #1 on fan favorite and Bj isn't far behind....but i tend to read a lot of threads and it seems to me that if they were to have a WW rematch, most fans want Bj to win. i love both fighters. Georges is my favorite fighter and Bj is my favorite LW but if Bj did move up i know that he would be GSPs hardest match (see my WW list Bj is #2) but anyway i would definately want GSP to win....

what about you guys?
7/8/08 5:10:21PM
I think BJ would win, I thought he won their first fight also, anyway, a BJ without cardio could go the distance with GSP, in my opinion a BJ with cardio would submit GSP in 3 or 4.
7/8/08 5:29:20PM
Id like for B.J to win, then just give up the title and continue clearing to lw division. Best thing about b.j winning is that their would be an inevitable rubber match down the road, so if their next fights awesome then im sure we'll all want to see a third fight.
7/8/08 5:39:58PM
in a 5 rounds fight bj gone a gas out and gsp will tko him late at the roud 4
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