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12/10/08 3:55:47PM
Is this fight still on cause most of the MMA sites are doing a breakdown of all of the fights except for this one????
12/10/08 5:20:38PM
Yes, it is.
12/10/08 7:34:42PM
As far as I know they are still fighting.
12/10/08 11:33:59PM
Fight over.

I won't spoil it for anyone though......
12/11/08 1:51:47AM
I am happy because Jim won me some $ again tonight. He came in on a week's notice after flying back from his honeymoon right after Thanksgiving. If he can win in that kind of condition he can go pretty far... especially with his improving hands.

I am sad because now everyone knows about Jim and I will never get easy $$ on ridiculous odds again.

I'd love to see Jim Miller in there vs. Huerta.
12/11/08 2:18:37AM
Miller's striking looks like it has improved exponentially as well. Wiman should have been disqualified in the first for refusing to let go of Miller's shorts which is the only thing that kept him from nappy time.
12/11/08 9:23:45AM
Miller took it to him. It was a pretty good opening fight and I'm glad to see some fighters always ready and willing to fight on a short notice like that.
12/11/08 9:29:16AM
that fight lost me my parlay!
12/11/08 9:30:32AM
miller and guida has to happen, it has FOTY written all over it.
12/11/08 10:08:47AM
Super impressed with Miller in this fight. Dude only had 8 days to train and he still whoop'd Matt's ass.
12/11/08 11:11:30AM

I love these Miller brothers. Both have stepped up to take fights on short notice and both have kicked ass in the process.
12/11/08 6:50:32PM
I don't know if it was Miller who looked good, or just Wiman who looked terrible.
12/11/08 8:43:48PM

Posted by Hendo67

I don't know if it was Miller who looked good, or just Wiman who looked terrible.

12/11/08 10:14:55PM
Miller did what he was supposed to do. DOMINATE. I loved every minute of that fight. Can't wait to see this guy on a full camp against top competition.
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