Wilson Gouveia Off 102 With Injury

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8/7/09 6:07:08PM
Ed Herman might've picked a bad time to step out of his UFN 19 fight for a UFC 102 fight. After James Irvin went down with an injury and was forced off UFC 102, Herman stepped up to be the replacement and face Wilson Gouveia. Now Gouveia is off due to a back injury. No word on if there will be a replacement for Gouveia.

8/7/09 6:09:01PM
Wow, first Irvin and now Gouveia. That's crazy. It seemed like such a good fight when it was first announced. Now, both guys are out hopefully both these guys can fight later on once they are both healthy again.
8/7/09 6:17:11PM
who to put in there now?

whos gonna take this fight on like 3 weeks notice


dennis kang?

8/7/09 7:08:34PM
Herman vs Kang is my guess.
8/7/09 8:16:12PM
I think Akiyama would be an interesting opponent.
8/7/09 10:32:28PM
Kang seems to be the most realistic replacemant, besides if he wants to prove to the UFC that hes a gamer he should take this fight.
8/7/09 11:18:00PM
True, but I still hope that Wilson VS Irvin goes down in the future....it's a good match up on the feet and can make sure that James' ground game is up to par for the UFC.
8/8/09 2:20:05AM
sucks whole match is gone, hope they keep ed herman, maybe ed vs aaron now scrap dan vs aaron fight
kang would be good or even cb dollaway or tom lawlor
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