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1/15/07 9:11:27PM
I have 3 members now, more before the nights over...that's a promise. Anyone is welcome.
1/17/07 3:12:20PM
8 members now guys...does anyone with 1 or 2 members in their camp want to come and join ours? At least then we will be in the double digits...
1/17/07 3:58:17PM
Wow, you're getting alot of users fast, how'd you manage that? I guess people like wizards. Or maybe just no Canadians joined up recently. Good luck Wizards!!
1/17/07 4:02:40PM
I'm trying hard...i just want to be competitive with the team that has like 30 damn people
1/17/07 4:12:27PM
Same here man, same here.... we can do it, we're the young upstart teams of mmaplayground.com !
1/18/07 7:46:06AM
We have 11 members now...still need more...keep em coming
1/18/07 9:13:16AM
If you are looking count me in.
1/22/07 1:29:27PM
We have 20 members now guys...send me a request and I will send you an invite.
1/24/07 9:17:39PM
25 members fellas...send me a request and I'll send you an invite. If you already have a camp, you have to disband it before it will let me invite you. All people are welcome.
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