whos next for varner now?

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1/26/09 12:50:09PM
unless they decide to grant an immediate rematch with cerrone considering how the fight ended, whos next in line?....unless they dont bring in any new fresh blood in that division between now and the next title fight, i would have to give the nod to bart palwaceski (sp i know).....as long as he gets by crunkilton, which is no easy task.....with the razor rob and hicks fight, winner could be next inline theoreticly, but id rather not see either of them fight for the title right now.....plus i think both need to string together atleast two wins beforehand...thoughts?
1/26/09 12:53:19PM
Why wouldn't they have an immediate rematch it was a close fight Cerrone might''ve finished him in that final round plus I agree with the judge that had 48-47 cerrone
1/26/09 12:54:46PM
Only reason I don't see it being immediate is Varner's probably looking at a minimum of 4-6 months on the shelf due to injuries. Unless he gets cleared early stuff like he suffered is, at least in Nevada and maybe California, an automatic 180 day suspension.
1/26/09 12:57:10PM
well more than likely its going to be cerrone, after that i think it gets a little thin in the wec's LW division. bartimus is a tough guy, but i dont know that hes championship material, same with cleat. im sure the winner of that fight is next in line, but it might be awhile so the hicks/razor winner might end up fighting the winner of bart and rich. i dont think its going to take to long to pan out though, between the fact that it didnt go to the end of the 5th round, and the fact that people are already calling varner out as having faked the injury, im pretty sure hes going to want to get right back in there and do it again. pride is a huge thing to any competitor, especially one at the top of the heap.
1/26/09 1:41:57PM
Yeah I've seen that the winner of Bart/Crunk were fighting for a title shot or #1 contender something like that. Or Cerrone gets the rematch or faces the winner of bart/crunk.
1/26/09 4:13:48PM
rematch with cowboy next.......no question!!
1/26/09 4:29:58PM
I think I remember Varner saying in the ring that once he gets cleared they would fight again, which is what should happen.
1/27/09 6:58:55PM
I think that Cerrone will fight again before Varner is cleared to go.
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