whos the fighter(s) you like watching get beat

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6/28/08 7:38:54PM
my favorite fight video to watch is KJ Noons vs Krazy Horse

That's how much I hate KJ.
6/28/08 7:42:26PM
Justin Eilers is just plain fun. Agains C level fighters he looks good and exciting. Against anything better he makes AAA level faces when getting ko'd. i would pay for every ppv that has him on it
6/28/08 7:46:18PM
6/29/08 12:19:41PM
Sean Sherk
6/29/08 2:45:10PM
also watching kimbo get wrecked by sean gannon is pretty hilarious
6/30/08 12:57:38AM

Posted by stock

Fedor (just so people will stop talking about him for so much. Also, he never finishes top heavyweights. War Silvia!)

I'm sure someones pot is boiling at this point, so I will stop here.

He does Finish Top Heavuweights, He took Fujita's neck off, Mauled Herringwith Ground and Pound, and nearly broke Hunt's arm. And if he doesn't Finish his opponents he puts a horrible beating on them as seen in his Fights with Big Nog. He's the only Fighter who can outstrike a Striker, out Grapple a Grappler and out wrestle a Wrestler. And it's not all about finishing Fights, it's about being exciting and if you will actually watch his Fights he's probably the most exciting Fighter out there. Sorry if I came off as a dick but I'm just trying to tell the truth
7/1/08 12:48:56AM
an maybe frank mir
7/1/08 1:38:53AM
frank mir and new addition cb. the look on his face was priceless i'm glad no one thinks he 's the best anymore.
7/1/08 12:29:59PM
Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell.
7/1/08 12:54:23PM
Chuck, Sherk and Kongo.
7/1/08 6:21:43PM
matt serra, sean sherk, gabriel gonzaga, and michael bisping
7/1/08 8:29:34PM

I would love to see Timmy KO Fedor or Sandman put the Spyder to sleep
7/1/08 9:17:47PM
Tim Sylvia. Randy. Tito.

Anyone who is boring. Its good for them to be beaten severely.
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