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POLL: Who is better bewteen Matt Lindland & Dan Henderson?
Matt "The Law" Lindland 12% (4)
Dan Henderson 88% (30)
8/6/07 7:17:08PM
Who is the better Team Quest Middleweight/sometimes Light Heavyweight? I just wanted you guys thoughts because to me this decides the Rampage/Hendo match at UFC 75...

I picked Rampage because he beat Lindland but is Hendo better then Lindland? I thought Matt would have better wrestling, but Hendo's the beter striker....

I thought Rampage only beat Lindland because his slams were more appealing to the judges then everything Matt did better Rampage....

So who's better?
8/6/07 7:30:07PM
Hendo has faced the better competition, beat the better competition, knocked out the better competition and is just all around better.
8/6/07 8:02:21PM
Dan "Dangerous" Henderson
8/6/07 8:54:09PM
Hendo all the way
8/6/07 8:54:56PM

8/6/07 9:11:41PM
Lindland may be the better wrestler but when is comes to MMA Hendo is much more well rounded and in my opinion the better fighter and has faced and beaten better competition then Lindland
8/6/07 9:20:28PM
I'd have to say Hendo, but when deciding matches you shouldn't base it on "since he lost to this guy and that guy beat him, he's better". MMA math is very flawed. You should compare styles instead.
8/6/07 10:29:10PM
dan imo
8/7/07 8:28:36AM
I think the wrestling may actually be a determining factor when considering Lindland/Rampage and Hendo/Rampage. Hendo's striking is definitely better than Lindland's, but it will most likely be neutralized by Rampage...The question remains whether Dan can be as effective from a wrestling standpoint that Matt was against Rampage. Also, IMHO Lindland should of had the decision against Rampage. Should be a good match regardless.
8/7/07 10:02:21AM
Henderson. It takes a lot to reign in 2 weight classes, plus being in PRIDE he's fought much better talent. In my eyes Lindland hurt himself more than he helped himself by jumping up 2 weight classes to fight Fedor, moreso when he essentially got destroyed in that fight.
8/7/07 11:27:53AM
I pick Hendo, cause he's on top of the world in two weight classes right now. If they where to fight though I would chose Lindland to win a UD.
8/7/07 11:43:34AM
8/7/07 12:07:51PM
i wish i had a definative answer, but this is really a pick em to me. i think hendos striking is better, but not by a ton, and vice versa with the wrestling. if they were to fight id pick hendo, but a coin flip might be just as accurate.
8/7/07 2:23:55PM
I believe Linland is the way way better wrestler but when it comes down to mma all together?i would have to say Hendo.
8/7/07 4:42:33PM

Posted by TOMMYAYO05

I believe Linland is the way way better wrestler but when it comes down to mma all together?i would have to say Hendo.

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