White not worried about the competition

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7/10/07 4:51:10PM
You wouldn't expect a wallflower to be in charge of the largest sanctioning body in mixed martial arts. And since Dana White, 36, has been UFC president since Jan. 15, 2001, you get the feeling he knows how to get things done. The former boxer and manager of UFC fighters Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell sat down for an interview with ESPN.com and -- surprise, surprise -- he didn't pull any punches.

7/10/07 5:14:48PM
i'm really curiouse to see waht is going to happen in the future.. i cant wait
7/10/07 5:22:27PM
not a bad interview at all. i enjoyed it.
7/10/07 5:27:24PM
I'm really looking forward to the HBO fights. If they do indeed seal the deal.
7/11/07 12:11:24AM
boxing is so boring imo ufc on hbo i would like to watch
7/11/07 2:52:36AM
Thats an old interview.
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