White threatens no UFC in CA if AB 2100 passes

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4/30/12 3:53:10PM
UFC head Dana White has threatened to cease holding events in the state of California if a controversial piece of legislation passes in the state. Assembly Bill 2100 was introduced last Wednesday and is supported by the Culinary Workers Union while opposed by the UFC among others.

Via San Jose Mercury:

(Assembly member Luis) Alejo wants to eliminate what he sees as abusive contracts, freeing up fighters to make Assembly Bill 2100 would prevent promoters from claiming unreasonable future merchandising rights, prevent unreasonable restrictions on fighters’ seeking outside sponsors and prohibit other onerous contract provisions.

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4/30/12 3:57:17PM
good strategy by White.
4/30/12 3:58:09PM
What a doosh
4/30/12 4:46:32PM
Dana is an F-ing baby.
4/30/12 5:14:20PM
I like the bill, feel it is pretty ridiculous that they can keep a guy from making a living but keep making money off his name in video games & merchandise
4/30/12 6:20:50PM
I think its Bullshit that companies can hold those rights in the first place and for Dana to birch and moan and wanna take his ball and go home is a bitch move. GROW UP DANA!!!!!
5/1/12 2:00:34AM
All talk by Dana. I guarantee he does not have the final say in something like that.

Giving up the questionable terms that this bill prohibits does not outweigh the loss of putting on shows in Cali, especially northern cal since it is so far away from Vegas. What's more, my hunch is any mma bill in ny will have the same language.

But you never know, I guess. The Fertitas are making a stand on principle against the unions even though it sure seems like the costs are outweighing the benefits. Since they are obviously not concerned with that kind of utilitarian logic, it might be that the costs will never outweigh the benefits of not allowing unions in their casinos for them. This cali bill is a result of it, their investigation is a result of it, no mma in new york is a result of it, and there is a good chance the heat Busch is getting for sponsoring UFC is a result of it.

SEIU plays hardball, that's a fact of life in general and especially in Vegas. This shit will never ends until Fertita's casinos go union. I wish they would, because MMA is going to inevitably be the thing that gets harmed in the dispute, even though it has nothing to do with the thing except Fertita's ownership. Fertita's gotta go union or the gotta sell the UFC.

5/1/12 1:46:32PM
Don't be fooled this bill is an attack on the UFC more than an attempt at expanding rights for fighters. One of the key parts of it is the banning of exclusive contracts, this would destroy MMA as we know it. The sponsor is a tool from what I heard on MMA live. He claims the impetus for the bill came from him watching the Outside the Lines, "documentary" on ESPN that was an editorial piece at best and yellow journalism at worst. I agree that fighters should not have to sign their likeness away permanently for things like video games but this bill is not the way to get there.
5/1/12 5:13:23PM
Being that I'm from California, I should know more about this bill. I'll need to do some research before commenting fully, but I'm not sure if it's a wise idea to eliminate one of the biggest markets in the U.S.
5/1/12 8:41:04PM
I would like to see the full details on AB2100 before saying White is in the wrong.