White suggests Velasquez-Cormier possible; Barnett not getting quick title shot

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2/3/13 11:11:41AM
LAS VEGAS – On Saturday at UFC 156, Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva derailed Alistair Overeem's planned title shot and threw the heavyweight division into a bit of chaos. Even UFC President Dana White isn't sure what to make of it.

2/3/13 11:58:10AM
I thought they wouldn't fight each other...
2/3/13 12:10:55PM

Posted by SamPan

I thought they wouldn't fight each other...

They wont, its Dana being Dana and spouting off shit that he makes up
2/3/13 1:32:32PM
Don't know why Barnett would get the title shot.
2/3/13 2:01:19PM
I hope they feed Barnett to the wolves.
2/3/13 2:23:02PM
This means that if Mir somehow defeats Cormier he gets another title shot. Overeem and JDS will probably still happen with winner getting the following title shot. or the next depending on the Mir/Cormier outcome.
2/3/13 2:23:52PM
Silva will never get a shot unless he goes through JDS.
2/3/13 4:30:11PM
cormier vs valasquez will never happen. it would be a much bigger accomplishment for those two fighters if valasquez had the HW belt and cormier took the LHW belt form jones. as for barnett, i dont see him ever getting a title shot again in the ufc.
2/3/13 11:28:13PM
bigfoot earned the next shot. dont bullshit the man
2/4/13 10:34:41AM
Werdum is supposed to get the next title shot with a win over Big Nog.

Barnett vs Bigfoot for next title shot.

Struve vs Hunt winner has to be in the mix somewhere...winner vs Cormier/Mir winner?
2/4/13 11:07:55AM
God damn Reem had to ruin everything!!!!! I don't care how much faster he thought he was then BigFoot. Reem was dicking around like he was Andy fight Maia.

Bubbles is right though, a win over Big Nog puts Werdum in front.
2/4/13 8:12:08PM
Barnett should debut against Roy Nelson or Junior