White reveals that Versus, Spike TV agreements reason for brandless fight card

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4/25/10 1:24:35PM
SACRAMENTO, Calif. – After several days avoiding the question to the best of his ability, UFC president Dana White finally revealed the true reason "Aldo vs. Faber" was held without any brand connection to the WEC.

TV exposure.

"[The WEC and UFC] are two different brands on two different networks," White said. "Even though they're owned by the same company, they're two different brands owned by the same company. The networks aren't going to let us do it."

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4/25/10 4:50:33PM
Kind of a weird situation for Zuffa to be in. I really think that all of the stuff leading up to this PPV is related to disolving the WEC into the UFC. It might not happen in the next yr but I think it will!
4/25/10 5:02:27PM
I don't believe it. Not one WEC logo, besides the belts, not one mention of WEC and even when they announced the Edmonton Card they called it Varner vs Shalorus.

The writing is on the wall, RIP WEC.

I'm not saying I know what will happen, but I think it's either a merger or a complete re-brand.
4/25/10 6:23:32PM
Dana says "That's what we are at the end of the day: a pay-per-view company."...I hate to hear that. It is time to not be a PPV Co anymore. There was no "branding" huh? Then why was the countdown was called "UFC Countdown"? A WEC event called UFC. Hmmm. They need to dump the WEC already. I think that is the long term plan. Throw the 135 and 145 into the UFC. The UFC would then have both SPIKE and VS as an outlet.
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