White Ranks Hendo above Belfort for Anderson rematch

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7/5/13 6:29:11PM
Those are tough fights to make. I’m not saying that Vitor couldn’t get the next shot, or couldn’t get a shot soon, but if you’re Anderson Silva… ‘I wanna fight (Georges St. Pierre) or Jon Jones or somebody different.’ You could make a better argument that Dan Henderson should get the next shot. He hasn’t looked impressive and he hasn’t won, but (Silva) didn’t beat him as bad as he did Vitor.”

7/5/13 6:43:04PM

Dana you never cease to change my view of you being a complete idiot
7/5/13 8:08:34PM
As a die hard Hendo fan I am just speechless, just wtf

7/5/13 8:18:22PM
Thats just madness Vitor is destroying opponents right now Hendo needs to actually score a win before he should be even mention in a rematch situation
7/5/13 9:36:41PM
Guess Dana thinks Hendo would beat Vitor
7/6/13 12:35:49AM
well Hendo did get screwed out of a title shot a few years back after the Bisping KTFO
7/6/13 3:24:19AM
Guess they need to fight each other then, huh
7/6/13 7:16:52AM
Hendo vs Vitor 2...couldnt be worse than the first one.
7/6/13 10:34:12AM
How bout a belfort vs hendo rematch instead
7/6/13 11:17:10AM
Hendo Vs.Vitor rematch would make more sense. Hendo had some huge buzz coming in from SF, but now his loss to Machida in a not so great performance has made him look human again for his age. I think dropping down in weight should not always elevate your contender status, and Hendo hasn't fought at 185 in a while. If he got the title shot I wouldn't be mad tho.
7/6/13 11:36:15AM
This doesn't sound to me like Dana is saying, "Henderson should get the next shot." It sounds more like, "I'm not giving Vitor another shot." I have no idea what the reason behind that idea is, but there are plenty of options ranging from wanting to keep the TRT discussion out of the media, to Vitor getting embarrassed the last time around. Based on the last year especially I'm figuring Dana will do everything in his power to pull a Silva/GSP/Jones fight after this Weidman fight if Silva wins tonight.
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