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POLL: Does White want Serra gone?
He's moving the show to Canada- Business only 75% (27)
Dana wants to set up a third fight 3% (1)
He wants Serra gone and GSP in for popularity 22% (8)
1/4/08 2:19:15AM
I personally Think Dana White saw that a huge motivation for Serra would be American fans screaming for another upset.
I think he put it in Canada and is doing everything possible to make Serra dissappear.
With Dana it's hard to tell.
1/4/08 3:30:35AM
i dont think he wants him gone. i just think that its for business
1/4/08 3:34:05AM
No way, The UFC is going to canada for canadian fan's, Thats all.
1/4/08 3:34:29AM
I just think he wants to sell out Canada, and GSp is the top draw there.
1/4/08 6:16:18AM
with all due respect for matt serra.white knows he doesnt have to create ways for gsp to win. gsp is a big draw in canada. it would be like going to ohio and not trying to get rich franklin on the card. it is just part of giving the fans what they want which gives the ufc what they want (sold out arenas).
1/4/08 8:54:26AM
I don't think the UFC gave Serra the coaching gig on the last season of TUF because they didn't want to market him. Like him or hate him, he has a lot of charisma--in addition to winning the fights, he and Shonie Carter practically took over the 4th season of TUF based on their personalities. Plus he's a guy who can fight at 170 or 155--the two most stacked divisions in the UFC.

I expect that the UFC fans in Canada will get what they want (a GSP victory), but from the UFC business standpoint, once they've bought their tickets it doesn't matter whether they see their fighter win.or lose.
1/4/08 12:48:25PM
I think that Dana wants GSP on that Canada card. Also, there are no other obvious fights to take place in April. I don't think that Dana wants to get Serra out of the title picture. If anything, Serra is good for the title picture. Who doesn't love a good underdog? Ever heard of Boise State?
1/4/08 1:15:38PM
its the same thing they did with silva vs franklin 2, who knows, it might backfire on them, but i think higher than the reason of them wanting GSP to win, they want to have a good show in Canada,with as many canadian fighters since its their first show, and what candian is more popular than GSP.... its for the same reason why Bisping was on the card for the show in england, people want to see their homeland fighters to take part when the UFC comes to their country....
1/4/08 3:39:06PM
Why would Dana White want Serra out of the picture??

Serras victory over GSP was a godsend for the UFC and dana in the fact that it validated The Ultimate Fighter reality show.

The UFC loves the fact that a winner from TUF got a title shot and actually won, it makes great press and adds to the value of their baby TUF.

Just look at the UFC website its full of comments about Serras victory, It has Serra saying "I went from being on a reality TV show to becoming the UFC world champion".

The UFC loves Serra but they also realise that Serra is close to becoming a has-been again and want to secure GSP's place as the future of the UFC. Serras glory days have come and gone and his current success is only a flash in the pan.

IMO Serra will never fully recover from his back injury, sh*t he still can't even put nhis own socks on according to him!
1/4/08 3:44:28PM
Were they putting the MW title in Ohio to get rid of Anderson? Some people overreact.
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