White Out: UFC President Dana White Silent on Strikeforce Tourney

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1/10/11 2:19:07PM
It's been more than a week and we haven't heard a peep. No statements have been issued through media favorites like Kevin Iole or Ariel Helwani. There have been no mean spirited video blogs. Strikeforce has announced the biggest tournament in the history of American MMA and the UFC has maintained complete silence. For MMA fans, that has to be a little disconcerting.

Traditionally when UFC President Dana White sees a competitor on the horizon he strikes quickly. White isn't one to work the jab and bide his time for an opening either. He comes in windmilling, much like his favored brand of toughman style MMA, with both hands tossing wild and crazy winging blows. Usually the other guy falls down.

1/10/11 2:44:13PM
I don't care about Dana White, honestly. He's just like any other company president, he only cares about money and popularity.
1/10/11 3:44:23PM
he's clearly scared of strikeforce's hw division because it's better

i think the wec merger was more to do with penn losing and there being no clear #1 lw, with that you have two divisions in zuffa that might not have the number one guy
1/10/11 5:35:14PM

Posted by BigCountryFedor

he's clearly scared of strikeforce's hw division because it's better

LOL I'm sure he is terrified of SF's HW division.
1/10/11 7:48:45PM
I don't think he's terrorfied of the SF HW division. Though I'm not the kind either that believes either really has a completely superior or inferior division.
I'm more of the type that holds strong to the belief that styles make fights.

Anyhow, I really don't know what White would say about this tourney.
He's not going to applaud them for it, though I think any fan worth his weight in MMA fandom has to be excited for this. No one can say how well SF will pull this off but I thank the stars above their at least trying it.
1/10/11 7:52:35PM
Everyone gives Dana a hard time, but if you look at the big picture He and Zuffa really did a lot to save MMA in North America. Certainly a lot of unsung guys like Jeff Blatnick laid the ground work, but without Zuffa's deep pockets and Mr. White's bulldog mentality and true commitment to MMA as a sport first, spectacle second the UFC and quite possibly American MMA would have been the flash in the pan that all the boxing pundits and misinformed politicians were calling it 7 short years ago. Of course sometimes He's full of it when it comes to running down the competition but to say he's only in it for the money is just wrong. That being said Strikeforce's heavyweight division is the best!
1/10/11 8:22:07PM
What is to say??
Tournament is awesome best since old pride grand prix days
I am pumped and its free on showtime.
Can't wait
1/11/11 4:33:23PM
What does he need to say?

Coker said it for him

"Very rarely in a tournament does it ever work out where the last two guys are the guys everyone wants to see fight," Coker told Ariel Helwani during The MMA Hour. "So I said to my guys, 'What about this scenario: Let them fight in the semifinals ... whoever wins moves forward.' ... Let's say Fedor does get past 'Bigfoot' and then Alistair wins his fight (against Werdum), then we're guaranteed to see a big fight."

How can anyone listen to the drivel that comes out of Scott Coker's mouth and continue to respect Strikeforce as an organization.

If he wanted to increase the chance of Overeem fighting Fedor, why not just have Overeem fight Fedor. He runs the organization doesn't he?!?

Also, way to sell that finale Scott, Once the winner of the left Semi Final is decided I'm sure we'll all be lining up to see the final on PPV.

Also how disrepectful is that to both Werdum and Silva, not to mention the left side of the bracket. The whole thing feels like something Gary Shaw and Elite XC would have done. (Not the tournament itself, but the matchmaking in it.)

I hope Silva and Werdum score upsets in the first round of the tournament so I can watch Scott Coker cry, via web stream, cause I'm not paying for anything he's offering.

Edit - Better yet I hope one of the first round fights on the left side ends up in a draw.
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