White: MMA to be bigger globally than football

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7/9/09 8:43:30AM
One wears a coat and tie, and the other swears he'll never be a suit. At first glance, there might appear to be few similarities between Roger Goodell and Dana White.

Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, oversees the most popular sport in America. He's in a position of unrivaled strength.

But look at the big picture, and a challenger is emerging. White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has realistic plans to conquer the sports world.

7/9/09 9:27:38AM
He has a very good point and i have felt the same way for a long time. Every culture has its own martial art and style of combat. Also, people naturally want to see people do well who they feel represent them. For example. How many people were captivated by Royce gracie because they themselves were small and wanted to thing they too could beat a bigger guy? TONS! Take a look at how popular Machida is now. Look how many times he has been googled recently. How many people are interested now that they feel Machida is making all those year in Karate class worth while?

Just like those cases. There are millions of chinese and other asians who will be hooked when someone comes along with an asian Martial art that can "prove to the world" its effectiveness. Or when a Asian fighter comes along who they relate to. Its the same for each country.

The only road block is MMA/fighting is only appealing for your more aggressive males to an extent. It will never be greating appealing to woman. So you half the possible fan base to market to than say Soccer.
7/9/09 1:15:52PM
all the women i know prefer to watch MMA than to watch any other sporting event.
7/9/09 1:38:11PM

Posted by loller90278

all the women i know prefer to watch MMA than to watch any other sporting event.

The ladies around me would rather watch the steelers or the Pens then MMA but any other teams they could care less about.
7/9/09 1:56:07PM
What about the ones who play sports?They cant really get into MMA for the most part.

MMA ratings on TV are a huge majority made up of guys. Few woman watch if they arent watching with guys.
7/9/09 2:27:33PM
i wouldnt go as far as saying bigger than footbal. MMa will never gross the amount of money that American Football generates. For God's sake 2 string and 3 string players make more yearly than fighters. I love both sports equally as much but there are major differences between the 2 and some of those differences put each sport on different tiers.
7/9/09 2:40:58PM
Fighters will never make what NFL players do across the board. But NFL has a union to spread the money evently. Fighting dont. But that dont mean fighters cant make more money than NFL players. There are fighters now who make more than some very good NFL players. But when MMA becomes bigger. It will be like boxing's pay scale. Not all fighters will benifit. But the top ones in the sport who have a fanbase will make tons. IF the top boxers fight 3 times per year. Then they would make much more than any football players. Look at how much Mayweather Jr makes per fight, ODLH, etc. They could easily fight 3 times and blow NFL annual pay away. same for MMA if it gets to that level.

The UFC kind of acts like a union themselves. They spread the money around but not to the point of the NFL. NFL spreads it to the players mostly then a few other areas. UFC spreads to the players and themselves which goes to build the future of the sport. Something noone is giving money for in boxing.
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