White: UFC Looking at Aldo-Mendes Title Bout for UFC 133

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5/1/11 1:41:13PM
Hours after the most difficult title defense of his career, Jose Aldo’s next bout was already the subject of speculation.

Following the 24-year-old’s “Fight of the Night”-winning performance against Mark Hominick at UFC 129, members of the press asked UFC President Dana White about the Brazilian’s future as featherweight champion. When questioned whether Aldo would find his way onto the UFC 134 card in Rio de Janeiro, White was non-committal, asserting that he might have other plans for the 145-pound king.

“I don’t know. That’s a curve ball for me right now,” said White. “I think we’re looking at Jose possibly fighting [at UFC 133] in Philly.”

With Aug. 6 now on the table as a tentative return date for the champ, the next logical question surfaced: who will Aldo face in his next title defense?

“Probably [Chad Mendes]. Kenny Florian couldn’t be ready by then,” said White. “Mendes is 10-0. It makes sense.”

5/1/11 1:44:36PM
“Probably [Chad Mendes]. Kenny Florian couldn’t be ready by then,” said White. “Mendes is 10-0. It makes sense.”

In my opinion, even if Florian could be ready in time I don't think he deserves a shot at Aldo. I didn't agree with Shields getting a shot at GSP with only one lackluster win at Welterweight, and I definitely don't agree that Florian deserves a shot at Aldo even if he beats Diego Nunes. I'm glad they decided to give it to Mendes, the kid deserves it.
5/1/11 1:53:57PM
One fight at FW for Florian and he could get a title shot, doesnt make sense. But if Nunes beats Florian, Nunes should get the next shot after Mendes.

I smell an upset of Mendes beating Aldo. As long an Mendes can keep up for 5 rounds with all that muscle.
5/1/11 2:41:23PM
This one should be super interesting! I am a huge Mendes fan, but a couple things....

#1 - This should be at UFC Rio. Same with Belfort Akiyama. I understand they have to spread the title fights around, but come on! An Anderson Silva - Jose Aldo two title fight headliner would be a sure fire blockbuster.

#2 - Mendes impressed me in the WEC, and even more so in his UFC debut against Omigawa. He is a super strong wrestler, and his striking is improving. But I feel Hominick is and was a tougher test for Aldo.

I don't think Mendes will be able to outbox Aldo like Hominick did. I see this going the way of Brown-Aldo or Faber-Aldo. Unless Mendes lands a big shot or gets the takedown and unloads the ground and pound, I believe Aldo will have an easier fight.
5/1/11 4:38:28PM
When your an elite wrestler you always have a chance. People shouldn't doubt mendes. That being said aldo showed us yesterday he atleast has good take downs in his arsenal so I'm assuming his sprawl has to be good.
5/1/11 5:30:44PM
Mendes is just so powerful though and will be hard to stop his takedowns. I would like to think Mendes has a good chin. Mendes might have to watch out for like a triangle by Aldo though.
5/2/11 11:25:46AM
I serioulsy doubt Jose Aldo being so great on teh ground he looked for nothing in my eyes when on top of Homincik...If hominick knew how to throw al elbow he mighta won in teh fifth...

I saw two things in Aldo..

One Im not so sure on him taking a punch...He definitely got rattled number two...A wrestler with killer instinct gets on top of him hes done...I think it will take his heart, wear him down and he will slow...

If Faber at some point in there fight was in Hominicks in teh fifth he would have elbowed and I sewar I think one good elbow and Aldo is a goner...Hominick didnt throw a one and aldo didnt looke very good at all on teh bottom...
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