White: Jose Aldo doesn't want to fight Anthony Petttis in August

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2/24/13 4:28:14AM
Shortly after UFC On Fox 6, the UFC surprised many by announcing a cross-divisional fight featuring Anthony Pettis challenging Jose Aldo for the Featherweight title. Pettis was coming off first round finishes over highly ranked Donald Cerrone and Joe Lauzon, but was willing to drop to 145 to fight Aldo. While there was some controversy, the anticipation overrode most complaints.

However, following the UFC 157 press conference Dana white revealed to Ariel Helwani that the 145 lb. champ didn't like the match up

2/24/13 8:37:50AM
don't be scared homie
2/24/13 9:28:16AM
He just fought Frankie, who just came off two losses.
2/24/13 9:40:51AM
He probably just doesn't wanna be the first UFC champ to defend his belt against two divisions' fighters while only getting credit for one. If LWs want to fight for his title, let them prove themselves in that division. 1-2 fights before a title shot is not unreasonable.
2/24/13 10:49:41AM
Cluck, cluck, cluck....another champ wanting to "pick his spots". Be a true champ and fight whoever they put in front of you.
2/24/13 2:46:46PM
Too fucking bad Jose.

This is Dana and companies fault for letting guys pick who they want to fight. Its bullshit. You fight who they say you're gonna fight. End of story
2/24/13 4:45:07PM
This could also be Dana and Co.s way of starting some beef to produce hype.
2/24/13 6:34:47PM
he's just saying this to get a little more money
2/24/13 7:41:54PM
I have the feeling this is really a power play between Dana and Dede. Aldo doesn't make the decisions in his career. Dede does. Pretty sure Aldo would fight whoever Dede told him to.

My guess is that there is a larger dispute between Dede and Dana about the BW situation and Aldo's career direction. Dede has talked a lot about Aldo moving up to 155, and Barao is stuck defending an interim belt against a guy he already beat for the belt once.

Brace for the "Andre Pederneiras is a sport-killer" attacks.
2/25/13 4:32:18AM
dana sets his ground for one fighter and then has a complete different policy for another. anderson silva and gsp get to pick their opponents, but jose aldo doesnt get to? he be playin favorites ouchea real talk
2/25/13 7:58:51AM
Wow a champ not wanting to fight his opponent
This is new !!
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